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1) Set Goals

  • Sales - for your group AND each selling member.
  • Start & Finish - Set kick-off and completion dates and     stick to them.
  • 2) Planning Time - Give yourself enough time to get the fundraiser organized.

    3) Know Your Customer - Choose a fundraiser your customer will buy and use. A fundraiser that offers great profits or involves a product/service which the members like, may do poorly if the customers won't buy it.

    4) Know Your Competition - Avoid conducting your fundraiser at the same time as other groups. Choose a fundraiser that offers products which are not the same old thing, offer a great value, and something which your customers actually use. Products from Beary Thoughtful Fundraising fulfill these requirements. Have your group conduct one Fundraiser at a time. Doing more than one Fundraiser does not mean more money, doing one Fundraiser and doing it well will allow you to achieve and exceed your goals.

    5) Promote Your Fundraiser - Have each group member e-mail family members about your cause. Send a letter or note home advising the parents and student to share the program with family, friends, co-workers, and their community (firefighters/police/etc.) and why (share your goals). Discuss in the letter the uniqueness of the program. Tell them to direct distant friends and relatives to our website at to view all the bears.

    6) Set a Time Limit - Distribute the fundraising kits (On a Friday - SUGGESTED) so that your students have three full weekends to achieve their goals. This is considered the best length of time to conduct a brochure fundraiser. Usually, within those weeks, your members will have enough time to present the idea to their friends/family without loosing interest. Allow 1 week after your deadline for any stray orders to filter in before sending orders and payment to our office for processing.

    7) Motivate Your Group

  • Offer a group prize for reaching the groups' goal.
  • Create sales teams of 2's and 3's to compete for a top     team prize.

  • Offer additional prizes to anyone who sells a certain     amount within the first week.
  • Post a large sales thermometer type poster on a wall that     is adjusted throughout the event to allow each member to     see exactly how much the group has sold.
  • Encourage EACH MEMBER of your group to show the     materials to their parents, members of their family,     friends, and people in the community. There is truly     something for everyone in the catalog. Also, suggest     that in order to reach their goals they (or their parents,     family members or friends) should present the catalog     to at least 25 people and to sell at the VERY least     15 bears (minimum).
  • Talk it up! A positive attitude will go a long way toward     your group achieving success.
  • 8) Avoid ordering and shipping problems - make sure each group member understands how each part of the selling process works: filling out forms, cash exchange and security, follow up, product deliveries, etc.

    9) Keep good records - order forms, invoices, packing slips, member lists, volunteer names, etc. This is especially helpful if you plan to make this a yearly event, with each year having a new volunteer leader.

    10) Beary Thoughtful's Sales Expertise - communicate openly and often with us at Beary Thoughtful Fundraising . The needs of your group are unique. We encourage you to use our experience to help you eliminate all problems and maximize your financial success.

    11) Streamline the Distribution Process

  • Double check orders against paperwork.
  • Immediately report any damaged or missing products

  • Keep pink copy of all order forms
  • Beary Thoughtful offers free sorting which     makes distribution so easy.

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